Assignment in bullet points

  • Automate the registration of work, hours, maintenance history and work schedules of mechanics worldwide
  • Save time by automating information flows internally

Result in bullet points

  • Corporate portal and mobile app
  • Significant savings on operational costs
  • Drastic reduction of the administrative burden on mechanics and related departments at headquarters
  • Information is now up-to-date, contains fewer errors and is communicated faster
  • No ‘freeze’ of the business was needed for this project


Bolier supplies engines for cargo ships sailing all over the world. Bolier’s mechanics work all over the world. This requires close coordination remotely between mechanics, customers and Bolier’s head office. In order to manage this, it is necessary for the mechanics to register their work and their hours for invoicing, maintenance history and work schedules, among other things. The developers of HybrIT have made it possible for mechanics to enter their work and hours worked on their mobile device only once. By forwarding this data with a single click, the internal organization in the Netherlands has all the information it needs for further processing and coordination with customers.

Preconditions: the customer opted for an API technology in which HybrIT would reuse as much code as possible.

“Smart API integration layer built and connected to the mobile devices of mechanics at Bolier.”

Thomas Heuring, Owner of HybrIT


This project has achieved considerable savings on operational costs. The administrative burden for Bolier’s mechanics, managers and finance departments has been drastically reduced. The information in the CRM systems is up-to-date and contains fewer errors and verification steps due to the one-time input. By connecting the databases and applications via an API integration layer, the solution is also future proof and easy to expand.

“Because the chosen technique was quite new and the customer environment was completely new to me, the learning curve has been very steep. I learned something new every day and I could put my vision on software development to good use and bring the organization in on this. It was cool that we had to coordinate with external parties all over the world for our project. In addition, the API integration layer and the chosen platform proved to be a very good choice for Bolier: I did not encounter any technical limitations.”

Paul Huisman, Integration Specialist HybrIT

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