House of Apps is part of House of Tenders, a specialist in tenders. House of Tenders carries out project analyses, draws up risk files, displays processes in a simple manner and develops apps. A total package to help companies win tenders. This includes both companies in the construction sector and companies in real estate development. House of Apps strengthens a plan or project proposal with a handy app to improve the odds of winning the tender.

“The collaboration with HybrIT has been a very pleasant experience for me: committed, experienced and skilled people who put the customer’s interests first. We’ve arranged a lot with each other in a short period of time. There was constant and pleasant communication. We have been well received and helped to complete the process as quickly and as well as possible. We made good agreements that have been honored on both sides. Teamwork!”

Cristian Kleijweg, Business Manager of House of Apps.

Business issue

Google will only allow 64-bit apps in the Play Store in 2021. Many 32-bit android Apps must therefore be replaced, including the House of Apps “Omgevingsapp”. HybrIT faces the challenge of updating this app, receiving the push notifications and managing the mobile app as well.

  • How can we get the Omgevingsapp up to date?
  • And how do we make sure that the app then stays up to date?


The result after 4-5 weeks is an up-to-date React Native version of the Omgevingsapp. With the properties: fast, own control over push notifications and a structured environment so that the app only stores useful data. In addition, React Native reduces the costs of managing the Omgevingsapp. After all, you can perform updates with one set of source code for both iOS and Android.

The Omgevingsapp

The Omgevingsapp is used by local residents of a large-scale renovation project or building project. Or by people who walk, cycle or drive through a certain street, neighborhood or district for work. This way the environment knows where they stand with nuisance, diversions and the purpose of the work. Less annoyance, more clarity.

In addition, a construction company has a better chance of winning a tender if they propose to use the Omgevingsapp. This is how a construction company shows commitment to the stakeholders. You show local residents what the project will look like, what they can expect and how you, as a company, try to prevent nuisance. You can also use the app to save resident letters and traffic information, which they can easily download. An environmentally friendly construction company? Check and let’s get that tender going.

House of Apps in bullet points

  • React Native
  • Push notifications
  • Management and monitoring of the mobile app

“HybrIT is flexible and responds quickly. We had a limited budget and there was pleasant consultation on how the hours should be spent and payment terms. We were also in a hurry. Things were set up quickly and satisfactorily. We can certainly recommend HybrIT to other entrepreneurs. The team is pleasant and helps you come up with ideas.”

Arjan van Leest, Owner of House of Apps.

The future

In order to ensure that the app continues to function optimally in the future – without the need for major maintenance, we continue to check and improve the app for a few hours every month. Win-win-win situation for the users (the local residents), the customers (the construction companies) and for the client, because this way, the quality and reliability of the app is always guaranteed.

Technical challenges

  • Replace React JS with Reactive Native
  • Optimize app storage space
  • Refactoring of obsolete code
  • Update NPM code
  • Build API on .NET
  • Customize push notification management

“The case was a nice challenge, but the updating was a lot of work. Sometimes things got a little awkward because we could not find enough information about the outdated .NET documentation in the npm, GitHub or Stack Overflow communities. Sometimes it was like a maze. But when I did plough through the code, it was very satisfying. At the same time, of course, that also gave us room for our own innovative solutions. I am definitely a bit more familiar with React Native now.”

Arjen A.B., Full Stack developer HybrIT

Share knowledge, build together

The reason why we want to share this case with you is because we don’t think this is the only app that needs a good servicing. Letting your app deteriorate? What a shame! We are happy to help you with updates in the framework. Perhaps a few hours a month is enough investment. Even if you want to outsource the entire hosting, we’ll get to work for you. Then please contact us.

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