PON Power is the official dealer of CAT. They design and build heavy machinery for civil engineering and mining. The company also produces generator sets and other equipment driven by diesel engines and gas turbines. PON Power has been distributing CAT equipment and machines for more than 90 years.

Business issue

PON Power wants an online portal for customers and employees to view customer and product data, including: the current location of the PON Power CAT equipment and machines, the owner and the maintenance history.


A customer portal and mobile app (PON Power Locater) where one can see on a map where the equipment and machines are – based on address data or GPS – and what the maintenance history is. Employees can also keep track of their mechanics’ fleets and thus offer more efficient maintenance to their customers. Customers can log in to view their equipment with links to product pages.

In bullet points

  • A platform where you can see equipment and machines on a map using modern standards
  • All data <5 years has been made searchable
  • Scalability to an infinite number of devices
  • Two ways to log in (via an employee and customer account)

“I always like the challenge of merging different data streams in order to show even more information to the customer without losing overview. After all, this adds immense business value to applications.”

Mark Hendriks, Full Stack developer HybrIT

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