Gazelle has been making bicycles for over 125 years and currently produces 250,000 (electric) bicycles per year. Gazelle sells its bicycles directly to consumers, through dealers and web shops. A major Dutch brand to be proud of.

Business issue

Gazelle innovates from a ‘classic’ bicycle factory to a multi-platform sales organization. As part of this, a renewed dealer portal (B2B website) and a consumer website (B2C webshop) have been built. A back-end connection to Gazelle’s ERP system has to be realized from both websites.


An easily scalable and expandable API led model in Mulesoft with a back-end connection to the ERP system. To ensure that the websites have up-to-date information, data exports (e.g. of products, customers and stock) are regularly sent from the ERP system via the Mulesoft platform to a file server connected to the websites.

In bullet points

  • Custom dealer portal (B2B)
  • Custom consumer website (B2C)
  • Integration with API connections to the ERP system

“This was my first Mulesoft project after working mainly with Oracle integration middleware. The ‘onboarding’ in Mulesoft went very smoothly; the package feels very natural. The start-up period of integration projects is often difficult. This is because all kinds of peripheral matters still need to be arranged, such as setting up the environments and accessing the integration layer to the various partner systems. After that, it is always a challenge to complete a first story of the different types of integrations. In this case, it was mainly about distributing the messages (how do you build the message, how is it processed and what are the specifications for retrieving the message?). Once all this has been done, any backlog can be caught up with lightning speed and you are more or less in cruise control towards the end of the project. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”

Roemer Mooijman, Integration Specialist HybrIT

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