The Hiller Companies specializes in fire detection and extinguishing systems. From sprinkler systems to fire alarm systems for both commercial and industrial use. Customers include the navy, governments, defense, airlines and educational institutions. But also smaller companies, gas stations and even nuclear test facilities. From 21 locations across the U.S. and with more than 800 employees, they provide fire protection throughout the country and at sea.

Business issue

  • How do both the technicians and the customers of The Hiller Companies get real-time access to the planning, quotations and location facilities?
  • And how do we make this data transparent?

“What do you get when you bring five passionate developers together with an American company focused on fire prevention? A team that goes beyond agile work and builds an incredibly solid mobile app.”

Thomas Heuring, Owner of HybrIT

The Hiller Companies in bullet points

  • API connected to ERP system
  • Technical & functional design
  • Designed & developed mobile app
  • Scalability to an infinite number of users
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Authentication
  • Scrum/Agile


This mobile app collects all important data in real time and provides up-to-date insights for the customer. Such as planning, repairs, quotations for new installations, location of the technicians and quotations. Convenient and clear. The app is also used internally: business unit managers and sales employees have far better access to the data. The app fits well with the current system and guides users through this digital transformation.

The future

Because this mobile app actively retrieves and collects data, this data forms the basis for forecasts. For example, when it is likely that a part of the fire protection system in a specific building of a university campus will have to be replaced. We predict that the importance of these automatic alerts will play a greater role in the future of The Hiller Companies.

Technical challenges

  • Secure exposure through authentication
  • Connect the mobile app properly to the current ERP system
  • Scalability of the product
  • Development speed within budget and deadline

The DNA of the app

We believe in the CI/CD philosophy (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) and have been able to iterate and build quickly on this basis. Software changes were immediately integrated and tested. Partly due to the functional character of Kotlin and Spring as a web framework, the app fully comes into its own. In addition, the app runs entirely in the cloud, which ensures that the infrastructure can grow with the success of this app.

A team effort

“We developers were involved even from the first phase of the project. Starting from scratch. As a result, there was room for creativity and we were able to look for the best solution together. It is not often that there is no predefined route, so this was a really great experience! Credits to The Hiller Companies for their trust.”

Marthijs Berfelo, One of the software developers who worked on the case

“This app was built with the thought: ten or a hundred thousand users? The mobile app should work easily and properly no matter what. That is what we achieved. The app is robust, fast and solid as a rock. The almost daily and personal contact with The Hiller Companies resulted in equal discussions and quick solutions. This allowed me to steer the project and take them along for the ride. The result is a beautiful MVP created together in a relatively short time.”

Ron Planken, Full Stack developer HybrIT

Share knowledge, build together

The reason why we want to share this case with you is because we believe that sharing experiences is mutually reinforcing. A kind of digital cross-pollination: share knowledge, build together. Want to tag along with the success of this project? Go right ahead! Please contact us.

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