Viscon Group creates innovative, solid and smart logistics solutions for production processes in the food and agricultural sectors. The company has production locations in the Netherlands and Poland and customers all over the world (77+ countries). Viscon is committed to developing technological innovations in new sectors and markets.

Business case

Viscon aims to unburden its customers in the field of aftersales. Therefore, the company wants to fully automate the ordering process of spare parts and to make it possible to follow the order status online. In addition, Viscon wants to give its customers the possibility to view and download relevant documents per project or machine.

What functions does the service portal contain?

The company chose to have a service portal built so that customers can independently:

  • Order spare parts;
  • Track quotations, orders and deliveries with current status (ERP link);
  • With a mobile version of the portal (Progressive Web App), order products directly after scanning the part or machine (QR codes stickers on the parts);
  • View parts per machine with filter by e.g. wear & type;
  • Have insight into the machines per sub-process in their factory;
  • Give machines different names/characteristics that are also fed back to the ERP system of Viscon;
  • Download documents (e.g. setup of the process with all machines).

The result

The quotation & purchase process of spare parts is fully automated. This provides more self-service for customers, shorter delivery times and significant savings on operational costs because the number of manual actions is reduced.

“The involvement and informal collaboration with HybrIT is very pleasant and has helped the creative process. The threshold for knocking on each other’s doors is low. Despite corona, we had intensive contact and achieved the desired result. We are the first in our industry to offer customers a portal that we will be expanding in the coming period with HybrIT as our IT partner. Our customers’ reactions to the portal have been very positive.”

Niels van der Knijff, Project Manager Viscon

Bullet points

  • Linking E-commerce platform – ERP system;

  • Mobile app (PWA – Progressive Web App);

  • QR codes set up;

  • Integration with Viscon’s on-premise network (VPN tunnel);

  • Custom APIs;

  • Cloud solution;

  • Authentication & authorization set up;

  • Portal access for (new) customers via own ERP system;

  • The portal is infinitely scalable & easily expandable;

  • High performance.

“Within 3 months we went from the design phase to going live. The colleagues from Viscon involved were often present at demos and daily stand ups, which meant there was a lot of coordination. We were able to deliver a very complete product including integration with the on-premise network and the cloud solution. Together, we’ve put together a great MVP and we look forward to building more functionality to help Viscon and its customers move forward.”

Mark Dirksma, Architect HybrIT

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